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Time management hacks

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Are you a parent, and a busy entrepreneur struggling to get it all done? 

It is NOT easy handling a full-time business and being a parent (count that as two full-time jobs). There is just so much to do and to top it all, there is the overwhelming stress of back to school. More often than not, it is the business that suffers. Managing your time, focus, and energy is crucial for success.

Check out these five smart tips to help you organize and manage your time between your parent life and work life:

Tip #1: Create routines that work for your family

  • Establish dedicated work hours and et attainable daily goals..
  • Embrace the power of “No.”
  • Build in non-negotiable family time.
  • Create shared family calendars and make time for fun.

Tip #2: Instead of multitasking, try smart-tasking.

  • Try the Time Blocking or the Pomodoro Method to complete tasks.
  • Delegate or outsource. Let others manage their responsibilities.
  • Become friends with technology and learn how to automate a part of your business.

Tip #3: Optimize your work environment

  • Declutter your workspace, including digital.
  • The right music can set a great tone for the start of the day.
  • Bring nature close by keeping a plant or two in your workspace.
  • Set ground rules with the people in your space.

Tip #4: Find your peak work time and protect it.

  • Schedule your bigger tasks when you feel the most focus and energy.
  • Plan ahead for the week, and maybe even a month.
  • Review and adjust your daily plan as needed.

Tip #5: Separate your home from your business through a business center or co-working space.

  • Local, flexible and gives you control for work-hybrid situations.
  • A professional workspace and consistent work or meeting space
  • Boosts productivity and focus to complete important tasks

Are you looking for ways to separate your home from your business but not ready for long-term commitments or expenses?

Yeah! That is the future of work – affordable flexibility. At Greater Toronto Executive Centre, we believe there is no better time than today to run your business cost-effectively and conveniently from the location of your choice.

Our amenities and plans give YOU the control and the flexibility to manage your business, your way!

Parents love us!
We love providing out-of-the-box solutions for hard-working parents and anyone whose work life does not fit the usual 9-5 norm.

Might be a good time to introduce you to GTEC’s new All Inclusive OFFICE BREAK Plan!

Tailor-made to fit your flexible work style, our ‘productive work break’ plan gives you 20 Hours of Private Interior Office or Small Conference Room Use per month and two great options to choose from.

Plus, you get:

  • Free Parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free coffee/tea/water
  • An app to book at your convenience

Schedule your in-person or virtual appointment today to learn more.

About the Author

Ritu has over two decades of experience in operations, marketing, and business development. Married and a proud mama of two, Ritu enjoys writing about her professional and personal life experiences.

“Forget race, forget gender, forget religion, and become a human, my friend. Become a human above everything else, and all great things shall follow.”

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