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Is a Business Centre the right fit for you?

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Your workspace is a critical element of your operations. Depending on how your business is structured, your office space can help develop or hinder productivity. Most often, businesses who are in the midst of long term leases feel stuck and hence, begin to create make do processes or shifts to conform to their space restrictions because of lease obligations.

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The pandemic has brought to light many of these make do shifts and many companies are now realizing that remote work is a part of their operations. A lot of businesses can now be a combination of work-from home and in-office functions. The key is to recognize the need for a flexible environment that doesn’t necessarily translate to square footage.

Business Centres, like Greater Toronto Executive Centre, are a hidden gem, that provide a business the flexibility to scale up or down, according to their needs and control operating costs, through fixed monthly payments for square footage that is occupied. Majority of the Business Centres include a host of amenities, such as reception service, meeting rooms usage, office cleaning etc. that are part of a fixed monthly rate.

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The key is to recognize the need for a flexible environment that doesn’t necessarily translate to square footage. – Ritu Kohli-Sethi

So when is a Business Centre the right solution for you:

  • Your organization runs as a combination of remote and in-office functions. You don’t need a large space but need meeting rooms and the possibility of additional space, when required, whether temporary or permanent.
  • You are ready to expand into other cities. A Business Centre is a great solution to provide you with a virtual presence or physical based on your budget.
  • As a business owner, you may not require an office, instead, you want to separate your business from your home. A Business Centre provides virtual service options, which include a business address and a professional environment to host your meetings.
  • You are seeking a professional space to hold your off-site meetings, training, or workshops.
  • You are virtual operations seeking seamless solutions to connect your team with phone numbers, meeting space, and a business address as a base.

In my next blog, I will talk about how to select the perfect virtual business center for your company.

Wherever you are in the world, if you require a presence in the Greater Toronto Area, then consider the Greater Toronto Executive Centre. We offer an array of customizable options for you to select from. It’s your business, so it has to be your way.

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