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How to take the fear out of your meetings today

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As the world begins to open up, face-to-face meetings will return as well. Even though most meetings, up to now have taken place virtually and documents exchanged electronically, requirements for some in-person meetings can’t be ignored.

Coffee shops, restaurants, or other public spaces may have the benefit of being convenient and affordable, but simply due to our current environmental conditions, may not be a viable option.

Why does a coffee shop not work?

  • Too many distractions. Can sometimes be noisy
  • Lacks privacy
  • Continual purchasing may be required to be seated
  • With current reopening plans, limited seating and time restrictions will be a significant factors to be considered.

Most importantly, what if there are more than the two of you? It may be best to pick a venue that provides you with the right type of privacy and space for your needs.

During several conversations with my clients, I realize that this topic is creating a lot of anxiety. There are so many views on whether to meet, where to meet, and even how to meet. Not only do you want to feel safe and protected, but you also have to also instill confidence in your client to have a meeting.

Factors for Considering the Perfect Meeting Venue

  • Suitability
  • Location & Accessibility
  • Budget
  • Facilities and Services
  • Space & seating
  • Equipment to meet your needs

Tips For Your First Face-To-Face Meeting

Your business has to carry on and if you have to meet your client, plan for it. Here are some tips on preparing for your first face to face client meeting.

  • Avoid public areasyour home or small spaces for your meeting.
  • Consider a  professional meeting space, instead, which is operating in compliance with Ministry guidelines. For example, dedicated meeting rooms which account for physical distancing, have sanitary practices in place and finally could offer additional protection such as safety shields or barriers.
  • When booking your meeting, inquire about the venue’s cleaning practices and individual responsibilities for the space.
  • Consider setting your meeting first thing in the morning, which means you could be one of the first users of the space you are utilizing.
  • Set and communicate a clear agenda for the meeting with your client ahead of time. Ensure it covers all items necessary, including venue requirements and not more than an hour if need be.
  • If paperwork needs to be completed, send the forms in advance and keep an extra pen to give to your client. Keep an envelope or bag handy to handle client documentation, separate from yours.
  • Carry your own sanitizer and mask, for your own protection and others around you. You may not be able to control the actions of others, but you can certainly do everything to protect yourself.
  • Make it very clear to your client to reschedule the meeting if for any reason they or any members of their household aren’t feeling well.
  • Finally avoid unnecessary touching of furniture, elevator buttons etc and be sure to sanitize your hands frequently.

Let’s face it, without vaccination and potential fears of a second wave, it’s imperative to incorporate the above practice into your business interactions.  These practices will not only keep you and your client safe but also help make the meetings more productive.

About the Author

Ritu has over two decades of experience in operations, marketing, and business development. Married and a proud mama of two, Ritu enjoys writing about her professional and personal life experiences.

“Forget race, forget gender, forget religion, and become a human, my friend. Become a human above everything else, and all great things shall follow.”

Greater Toronto executive centre

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